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This can refer to radio or other forms of wireless communication, including radar signals detection and monitoring (ELINT . The instrument then does the math on its own. san vot 109.00 mhz 153 7.13 nm nw miramar. The Automatic Direction Finder ADF - when tuned to a selected NDB frequency, is the on-board equipment that determines the relative bearing (RB) from the aircraft to the ground beacon or station. Lat/Long. These latter options are still available as the ReScanModes keyword in the NormalModes block, if these are requested during a calculation. 70. More recent ADFs have a combined loop/sense antenna. This mode provides the clearest audio reception, so youdnormally use it to identify a station or listen to Rush Limbaugh. 05:00. Channel Center: Amateur Tuning Frequency: 5332 kHz 5330.5 kHz 5348 kHz 5346.5 kHz 5358.5 kHz 5357.0 kHz 5373 kHz 5371.5 kHz 5405 kHz (common US/UK) nkx tacan 109.60 mhz 196 8.36 nm ne imperial beach. The direction to the broadcast antenna was shown on an azimuth scale of an ADF indicator in the flight deck. The images can be clicked to enlarge. The ADF/NDB navigation system is one of the oldest air navigation systems still in use today. I can confirm that setting 388 or 389 in the sim does not puck up the NDB signal which begs the question why are the frequences broadcast that way. That would be the heading he or she should fly to get directly to the NDB. Sure, many have been plowed up for houses or 2023 Aviation Publishing Group. Most ADF receivers have several modes that the pilot can select. Mode Scanning is an extension of the frequency scanning options (ScanFreq) that were part of ADF and BAND in earlier versions of the Amsterdam Modeling Suite. Australian HF Civil Networks. Ionosphere error is caused by the radio waves bending off of the ionosphere. VORs are being decommissioned in favor of direct RNAV/GPS routes. Please note the Store and the forum use two (2) separate login systems. A simple upgrade to this is the moveable-card ADF. It shows 113.8 whereas 113.75 is correct. EN DENVER FSS Hours of Operation. Cumulus fractus covering 1 NOTE-If the pilot calls on duplex (122.1), use the VOR the pilot is tuned as the initial VOR. All the ones I have are active only. Thanks go to xBr, blh, Freq, pjm, Nils, Maik, Gonzo, muf, Herrmann_s and other hearsat'ers for input to this list. Frequency License Type Tone Alpha Tag Description Mode Tag; 123.80000: RDUATIS: ATIS/WX ASOS: AM: Aircraft: 122.95000: RDUUNICOM: UNICOM: AM: Aircraft: 121.70000: RDUGrd5L/23R: Raleigh Ground West Runways 05L/23R: AM: Aircraft: 121.90000: RDUGrd5R/23L: Raleigh Ground East Runways 05R/23L: AM: Aircraft: 119.30000: Page 89: Loading Based On Use Radio waves are electromagnetic waves of frequency between 30 hertz (Hz) and 300 gigahertz (GHz). Most NDB stations are quite weak and range is limited, but in some cases such asbroadcast stations, distances of over 500 miles have been obtained. The combinedloop/sense antenna usually goes on the bottom because its easier to install there, and ifyou forget to lower your gear, it will be the first thing to get ground away. Whether warranted or not, ADFs are the banes of student pilots everywhere. 1991-2022, Eagle Dynamics SA Dispatch freq Contribute to ioChem-BD/readthedocs development by creating an account on GitHub. But commercial AM broadcast stations aren't going away any time soon. It was easy to used radio stack and tuned the appropriate frequency. Is VOR a beacon and the ADF the receiver for VOR? The Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) was created in 1995 and is located in the mountainous DRC-Uganda border area. fitness88 Cardiff is not the only place I've had this issue. Radio beacons are radio transmitters at a known location, used as an aviation or marine navigational aid.NDB are in contrast to directional radio beacons and other navigational aids, such as low-frequency radio range, VHF omnidirectional range (VOR) and . A single null reception area must exist in the correct direction. Technicians should note that the installation of the ADF antenna is critical to a correct indication since it is a directional device. With a focus on Asia and the Pacific, ABC Radio Australia offers an Australian perspective. If you are not already a member of any of our groups, but are just here visiting this page to try and find out more about radiobeacons, dgps beacons, the GMDSS DSC mode or the NAVTEX mode then please check out our 'Beacon' and 'Datamodes' sections via the links at the top of the page to find out more. Most ADFs also receive the standard AMbroadcast band at 550-1600 Khz. These days the more capable digital ADF radios can tune a decimal frequency. By repeatedly pressing the bearing button BRG1 and / or BRG2 we can select the ADF to show in one, or both, of the fields that now show. All rights reserved. I am not able to do that with 2020. It works on frequencies between 108.00 and In some cases some may also be stand-by airport frequencies. Template attributes ; Attribute Value; source: ADF log: id: adf.frequencyanalysis: name: Frequency analysis: pattern \s+\*\s+F\sR\sE\sQ\sU\sE\sN\sC. The best way to get from Gunzenhausen to Baar without a car is to train and line 410 bus which takes 2h 56m and costs . It works from the most simple radio navigation concept: a ground-based radio transmitter (the NDB) sends an omnidirectional signal to an aircraft loop antenna. The ADF frequency range is 190.0 KHz to 1799.5 KHz in 0.5 KHz increments. Frequency. The needle points to thestations when the receive is in "ADF" mode. Certified Flight Instructor-Airplane, Single and Multiengine Instrument, What Is A TFR in Aviation, Different Types & How To Avoid Them. Wags did a video on it too. However, I was not able to set the decimal frequency digit in the steam gauge C172 just by using the mouse. If that happens just forget about thatvacation you were going to take. ARTCC. There are actually two signals. This healing frequency is associated with the heart chakra, like a number of the other frequencies in our review. Lake Reschen Underwater Photos, They are still around, and many training aircraft still have ADFs installed. Same with NAV 2. List 3 . Terrain like mountains can reflect and bend radio waves, causing errors. When we tune the ADF radio to the NDB frequency, the ADF indicator points to the location of the NDB. Early radio direction finders (RDF) used the same principle. Antenna Designs. What Is An FBO in Aviation & What Do They Offer? New York ARINC SatVoice. Aha, thanks for all your input. According to the United Nations Group of Experts on the Democratic Republic of the . ApeJim September 25, 2020, 5:19pm #12 uniform. An ADF in the aircraft can receive AM radio stations, and they can even be used to navigate. The latter can be seen though by selecting the airport itself and checking the boxes in the lower left corner. Manager: When I flew the 152 in the rw, I don't ever recall coming across x.5 frequencies. In such cases a value of 0.0001 is recommended, and for accuracy reasons use good numerical quality, and EXACTDENSITY (important for GGAs). This includes those from AM radio stations. Temperature 30C and dewpoint 12C. Australian aviation non-directional beacon Frequencies are from 200kHz to 490kHz and represent a useful source for studying LF and lower MF band propagation and for refining receiving systems on and around these bands. Get. If my ADF died, I might be sorely tempted to apply the repair money toward the purchaseof a GPS instead. P Value is a probability score that is used in statistical tests to establish the statistical significance of an observed effect. FlyJSim continues their commitment to delivering high quality aircraft for the X-Plane platform! Frequency License Type Tone Alpha Tag Description Mode Tag; 463.600: WPYF473: RM: CC 12 TG 10301 SL * AASD NorthHS: Appleton Area School District - North High School The most modern ADF systems have two loop antennas mounted at 90 to each other. Unfortunately the ADFs in the sim seem to have better selectivity than the old, real life ADFs. Navaid. Probably can't tune in a local AM radio station to listen to the ball game either. The Cessna Citation Improvement Mod for MSFS has been updated and today we're going to check it out! FAAs Nexgen Program is designed to take this one step further. and paired frequencies vor tacan xmit & rcv freq channels freq vor tacan xmit & rcv freq channels freq 134.40 (1x) 1025 962 134.45 (1y) 1025 1088 134.50 (2x) 1026 963 134.55 (2y) 1026 1089 134.60 (3x) 1027 964 134.65 (3y) 1027 1090 134.70 (4x) 1028 965 134.75 (4y) 1028 1091 134.80 (5x) 1029 966 "ADF" stands forAutomatic Direction Finder. It's also a myth. DCS Table of Frequencies Nevada. Performed failure analysis of the transmitter's . Strain sweep tests were performed at an No Box available b. The images can be Early radio direction finders (RDF) used the same principle. - HDF /0 OHDR -bbbbg " : ' M 8 E k c?FRHP 4 8 ( ) BTHD d( 8& D'BTHD d( 8 FSHDv Px( CC(\BTLF ~ |& G 5 ! NDB instrument approaches require the pilot to track the final approach course carefully, and homing to or from the station with no wind drift correction will lead the unsuspecting pilot dangerously off course. In the early days, pre the digital age, analog ADF radios had continuous manual tuning like tuning in a radio station on an early car radio. More details. When I was learning to use the unit, it kept scanning frequencies and to my surprise it picked up the local AM talk radio station on something like 161.9000 or whatever. Station List Compiled by William Hepburn, LWCA: includes all North American beacons + selected beacons from the rest of the world : 2022-12-31 : VERY HIGH POWER (1600 W or more) Continuous Voice Broadcast: HIGH POWER (400 - 1599 W) Voice Capability: Medium Power (100 - 399 W) Low Power (25 - 99 W) Since the ADF does not lock onto a selected radial as a VOR does, its up to the pilot to carefully monitor the relative bearing and, even more importantly, get the math right. Browse e12806.adf resources on Teachers Pay Teachers, a marketplace trusted by millions of teachers for . ARTCC. Hates "Winter & Cold", This website uses cookies and third party services. In short it's a strange hybrid, receiving from a VOR transmitter but with an NDB type representation in the cockpit. "Direction finder"because its job is to point in the direction of whatever station you tune in. List of Facilities Operating on Frequencies in the LF/MF Band (190-1750 kHz) - November 2021. A receiver on the aircraft was tuned to the transmission frequency of the NDB. Its most commonly a problem around sunset and sunrise. ADF information can be displayed on the ADF indicators mentioned or it can be digital. A Dickey-Fuller test is a unit root test that tests the null hypothesis that =1 in the following model equation. Example input with strict settings using analytical frequencies, and a TZ2P basis set. When we tune the ADF radio to the NDB frequency, the ADF indicator points to the location of the NDB. The received signal induces voltage that is sent to two stators in a resolver or goniometer. By Aaron D. Duracher, Sr. [Figure 2]. This opens a new menu. It has a fixed card with 0 always at the top of a non-rotating dial. The Hornet radio set can tune to a relatively wide range of frequencies, including the range in which VORs transmit. The radio waves from an NDB consist oftwo electromagnetic field components: an electric field called the E-field and a magneticfield called the H-field. i.fb-icon-element.fontawesome-icon.fb-icon-element-1{ color: #ffffff;}i.fb-icon-element.fontawesome-icon.fb-icon-element-1:hover { color: #ffffff;} Radar Server is Fully Operationali.fb-icon-element.fontawesome-icon.fb-icon-element-2{ color: #ffffff;}i.fb-icon-element.fontawesome-icon.fb-icon-element-2:hover { color: #ffffff;}. The 639-hertz frequency has been implemented in a variety of Visibility of 30 statute miles. That necessitates the constant monitoring of the morse code identification while using an NDB as the only source of navigation. They receive radio signals in the medium frequency band of 190 Khz to 1750 Khz. Possible cause 2: flat potential energy surface (think about almost free rotation modes) coupled with relatively high noise level in gradients caused by numerical integration errors or not sufficiently converged geometry optimization. When an ILS is equipped with a LOM, the ADF can be a big help in visualizing yourposition while maneuvering for the approach. ACTIONS REQUIRED. Daily. Followers 0. I once thought it didn't. Federal Aviation Administration 800 Independence Avenue, SW Washington, DC 20591 866.835.5322 (866-TELL-FAA) Contact Us We can accept what DCS gives the mission creators to play with or try to fight it. Delete. Using ADF with MSFS 2020. The mixing of the two frequencies produces an audible beat frequency, the difference of the two. Using this list I found ADF1 RADIO SWAP - 66741 but the control is not listed within FSUIPC7 itself That control was removed as it is not listed in the MSFS documentation. From. If the aircraft is operating in IFR weather conditions, coordinate with the appropriate control facility. Ownership: Publicly-owned. Yes For Public Use. Sandy Springs Marta Station To Airport, The antenna must be oriented so the ADF indicates station location when the aircraft is flying toward it rather than away. With this method, the aircraft should remain on a constant magnetic bearing to the station the entire way. Monitoring the audio transmissions from the beacon will also alert the pilot to any potential interference with the navigational signal. Frequencies Frequencies Imaginary Frequencies Problem: totally unexpected significant imaginary frequencies are obtained (in a Frequencies run) where you are pretty convinced that all frequencies should be real. 0800-1800 Voice. I can confirm that setting 388 or 389 in the sim does not puck up the NDB signal which begs the question why are the frequencies broadcast that way. Frequency License Type Tone Alpha Tag Description Mode Tag; 123.30000: BM: FIT Aviation: FIT Aviation: AM: Business: 129.67500: BM: CSQ: Atlantic Jet: Atlantic Jet Center - FBO: AM: Business: 130.87500: BM: SheltAir: SheltAir FBO (Apex Jet) AM: Business This list is generated automatically from the Utah VHF Society Frequency Coordinator's database and is, by definition, the authoritative, up-to-date list. Antenna installation and upkeep must be done perfectlyor the ADF will never work properly. ADF does not use NAV1 or NAV2 radio for frequency selection. Station: Service: Frequency: Cork: TWR: 121.70 MHz: Cork: RADAR: 118.80 MHz: Dublin: APP: 119.55 MHz: Dublin: HOLD: UK Navaids. When the best frequency oscillator (BFO) is selected on an ADF receiver/controller, an internal beat frequency oscillator is connected to the IF amplifier inside the ADF receiver. With a VOR, when the radial is selected, it is evident when the airplane drifts off course. US NAVY Operator. The Federal Communications Commission unanimously voted to launch an inquiry into poorly designed wireless devices that receive transmissions from outside their allotted frequencies. Nondirectional beacons foraviation use broadcast between 200-415 Khz. ), The H-field induces a voltage into the windings of the ADF loop antenna. Make sure any original has been removed from platen. ADF Navigation: Many airplanes are equipped with ADF radios which operate in the low and medium frequency bands [Figure 2]. The frequency is selected using the frequency select knobs which are rotated either clockwise or anti-clockwise. The A (6-bit) and B (13-bit) counters, in conjunction with the dual-modulus prescaler (P/P + 1), implement an N divider (N = BP + A). When receiving both, using time difference between the two signals, you can calculate, to which radial the rotating signal corresponds. The program skips the displacements of symmetry-equivalent atomic coordinates to save time. 3040 25TH ST SE. Phone 503-378-4880. I hope this helps. The needle now points to the magnetic bearing. For Domestic 121.975 - 123.650 Unicom, multicom, Flight Services, Traffic Advisory (CTAF) at uncontrolled airports Canadian, US and International VHF Marine Frequencies VHF Marine Frequency Allocations U=U.S. Few clouds at 25000 feet. We show you The NDB where, y (t-1) = lag 1 of time series. The compass card may be fixed,manually rotatable with a knob, or (in more expensive RMI systems) slaved automatically tothe aircraft heading. But it reduces confusion and makes the entire process simpler to understand. AN SAN DIEGO FSS Hours of Operation. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. So while the Hornet doesn't have a VOR receiver in the sense many pilots (at least civil pilots) would understand, it can direction find off of a VOR signal. - South Atlantic: three new airfields added, ATC frequencies updated. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for (STA37) Advert 11x8" Bendix International Division, DFA-72 ADF, For Frequency at the best online prices at eBay! I have found this PDF which I hopes to prove to be useful as it shows the radio frequencies but I am looking for the Morse Code's that is transmitted with the frequencies. DCS Table of Frequencies Normandy. Few clouds at 6500 feet. 30th March - 25th October 2014 Frequency chart with transmitter details for this region. An NDB or Non-Directional Beacon is a ground-based, low frequency radio transmitter used as an instrument approach for airports and offshore platforms. The loop antenna is a flat antenna usually located on the bottom of theaircraft, while the sense antenna is a long wire that often runs from top of the tail tothe top of the of the cabin. NDBs are found in other parts of the world, especially in remote areas of the Caribbean, Canada, South America, and some even parts of Europe and Asia. The guides below are not necessarily the best or only way to set up the ADF in each aircraft but it works :) A10-C UHF ADF Radio Setup They are kept on charts in PDF format, which is linked here. A VOR (VHF Omnidirectional radio range) transmits also in every direction but not simultaneously. RIFE is a collectionof Dr. Royal RaymondRife's original frequencies. restart geometry optimization with more strict convergence criteria. This list is merely an update to the original, adding many more airfields to the list. FEDERAL AVIATION ADMIN Operator. 74. An interactive workshop on The Critical Steps for Successful Research: The Research Proposal and Scientific Writing was conducted in conjunction with the 64 th Annual Conference of the Indian Pharmaceutical Congress-2012 at Chennai, India. The list relates to the Maritime Matters column in the forthcoming issue of RadioUser (RadioUser, April 2020: 48-50). Days. The beat frequency of 2 KHz is the audible tone. Get a trigger's event subscription status. When striking it in the plane of the loop, a much stronger signal is induced. Get Event Subscription Status. Automatic tool for conversion of ADF2019 shell scripts, Cartesian function sets, spurious components, Frozen core: Core Orbitals and Core Functions, Coulomb potential evaluation, density fitting, General remarks on input structure and parsing, Input parsing changes in ADF2018 and later, Ghost Atoms, Non-standard Chemical Elements, Orbital occupations: electronic configuration, excited states, CHARGE and SPINPOLARIZATION vs. IRREPOCCUPATIONS, Simulated unrestricted fragments with key FRAGOCCUPATIONS, CDFT: Constrained Density Functional Theory, RangeSep + XCFun: Yukawa-range separated hybrids, Notes on Hartree-Fock and (meta-)hybrid functionals, Notes on MP2, double-hybrid functionals and RPA, dDsC: density dependent dispersion correction, DIM/QM: Discrete Interaction Model/Quantum Mechanics, QM/FQ: Quantum Mechanics/Fluctuating Charges (and Fluctuating Dipoles), Frozen Density Embedding with External Orthogonality, VSCRF: Vertical Excitation Self-Consistent Reaction Field, 3D-RISM: 3D reference Interaction Site Model, Electric Field: Homogeneous, Point Charges, Polarizability, Thermodynamics, gas phase Gibbs free energy, VROA: (Resonance) vibrational Raman optical activity, General remarks on the Response and Excitation functionality, Analysis options for TDDFT (excitation energies and polarizabilities), Excitation energies: UV/Vis, X-ray, CD, MCD, Transition dipole moments between excited states, Excitation energies for open-shell systems, Select (core) excitation energies, X-ray absorption, State selective optimization excitation energies, Excitations as orbital energy differences, Quadrupole intensities in X-ray spectroscopy, Excitation energies and Spin-Orbit coupling, Perturbative inclusion of spin-orbit coupling, Highly approximate spin-orbit coupled excitation energies open shell molecule, Vibrationally resolved electronic spectra, (Hyper-)Polarizabilities, ORD, magnetizabilities, Verdet constants, RESPONSE: Optical rotation dispersion (ORD), AORESPONSE: Lifetime effects, (Hyper-)polarizabilities, ORD, magnetizabilities, Verdet constants, AORESPONSE: Technical parameters and expert options, AORESPONSE: Damped First Hyperpolarizabilities, AORESPONSE: Damped Second Hyperpolarizabilities, AORESPONSE: magnetizabilities, Verdet constants, Faraday B term, POLTDDFT: Damped Complex Polarizabilities, Ligand Field and Density Functional Theory (LFDFT), Charge transfer integrals (transport properties), Charge transfer integrals with the TRANSFERINTEGRALS key, GREEN: Non-self-consistent Greens function calculation, Notes on double-hybrid functionals and MP2, Advanced charge density and bond order analysis, ETS-NOCV: Natural Orbitals for Chemical Valence, NBO analysis of EFG, NMR chemical shifts, NMR spin-spin coupling, Global, atomic, and non-local descriptors, Hirshfeld charges, Voronoi deformation density, Dipole moment, Quadrupole moment, Electrostatic potential, Density of states analyses based on Mulliken population analysis, Spin-unrestricted versus spin-restricted, Spin states, Recommendations for Double-hybrids and MP2, Geometry-displacement numbers in the logfile are not contiguous, Dirac program: relativistic core potentials, Example: Asymptotically correct XC potentials: CO, Example: Long-range corrected GGA functional LCY-BP: H2O, Example: Range-separated functional CAMY-B3LYP: H2O, Example: Grimme Molecular Mechanics dispersion-corrected functionals (DFT-D3-BJ), Example: Density-Dependent Dispersion Correction (dDsC): CH4-dimer, Example: DFT-ulg Dispersion Correction: Benzene dimer T-shaped, Relativistic effects: ZORA, X2C, spin-orbit coupling, Example: Spin-Orbit unrestricted non-collinear: Tl, Example: Excitation energies including spin-orbit coupling: AuH, Example: ZORA, X2C and RA-X2C: HgI2 = Hg + I2, Example: spin-orbit coupled MP2: atomization energy I2, Example: Electric Field, Point Charge: N2, Example: FDE energy: unrestricted fragments: Ne-H2O, Example: FDE geometry optimization: H2O-Li(+), Example: FDE NMR shielding: Acetonitrile in water, Example: FDE NMR spin-spin coupling: NH3-H2O, Example: Subsystem TDDFT, coupled FDE excitation energies, Quild: Quantum-regions Interconnected by Local Descriptions, Example: DRF: hyperpolarizability H2O in water, Example: DRF2: Polarizability N2 on Ag68 + H2O, Example: CPIM: excitation energies N2 on silver cluster Ag68, Example: CPIM: polarizability N2 on silver cluster Ag68, Example: PIM: Polarizability with local fields, Example: PIM: optimization N2 on silver cluster Ag68, Example: PIM: polarizability N2 on silver cluster Ag68, Example: PIM: Raman scattering N2 on silver cluster Ag68, Example: PIM: SEROA calculation N2 on silver cluster Ag68, Example: PIM: Multipole Method N2 on silver cluster Ag1415, QM/FQ(F): Quantum Mechanics / Fluctuating Charges (and Fluctuating Dipoles), Example: QM/FQ(F): 2-Methyloxirane (QM) in Water, Example: QM/FQ(F): polarizability 2-Methyloxirane (AORESPONSE), Example: QM/FQ(F): polarizability 2-Methyloxirane (RESPONSE), Example: QM/FQ(F): excitations 2-Methyloxirane, Example: QM/FDE/FQ: excitations of acrolein in water, Example: Restraint Geometry Optimization: H2O, Example: Constraint Geometry Optimization: H2O, Example: Geometry optimization with an external electric field or point charges: LiF, Transition States, Linear Transits, Intrinsic Reaction Coordinates, Example: LT, Frequencies, TS, and IRC: HCN, Example: TS search using partial Hessian: C2H6 internal rotation, Example: Relativistic ZORA TS search: CH4 + HgCl2 <==> CH3HgCl + HCl, Example: TS reaction coordinate: F- + CH3Cl, Total energy, Multiplet States, S2, Localized hole, CEBE, Example: Core-electron binding energies (CEBE): NNO, IR Frequencies, (resonance) Raman, VROA, VCD, Example: Numerical Frequencies, spin-orbit coupled ZORA: UF6, Example: Numerical Frequencies, accurate Hartree-Fock: H2O, Example: Mobile Block Hessian (MBH): Ethanol, Example: Resonance Raman, excited state finite lifetime: HF, Example: Vibrational Raman optical activity (VROA): H2O2, Example: Raman and VROA for approximate modes, Example: Vibrational Circular Dichroism (VCD): NHDT, Excitation energies: UV/Vis spectra, X-ray absorption, CD, MCD, Example: Excitation energies and polarizability: Au2, Example: Excitation energies open shell molecule: CN, Example: Spin-flip excitation energies: SiH2, Example: excitation energies CAM-B3LYP: Pyridine, Example: CAMY-B3LYP excitation energies: H2O, Example: Full XC kernel in excitation energy calculation: H2O+, Example: Use of xcfun in excitation energy calculations: H2O, Example: X-Ray Absorption and Emission Quadrupole Oscillator strengths at the Cl K-edge: TiCl4, Example: (Core) Excitation energies including spin-orbit coupling: Ne, Example: Excitation energies perturbative spin-orbit coupling: AgI, Example: Excitation energies including spin-orbit coupling for open shell: PbF, Example: Circular Dichroism (CD) spectrum: DMO, Example: CD spectrum, hybrid 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Rotation Dispersion (ORD): DMO, Example: ORD, lifetime effects (key AORESPONSE): DMO, Example: Polarizability: first order perturbed density, Example: Hyperpolarizabilities of He and H2, Example: Damped Verdet constants: Propene.

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